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Tips & Yoga Etiquette 

  • Drink plenty of water. Hydrate with water & electrolytes before and after class.

  • Don't eat heavy foods 2 hours prior to class.

  • Be prepared to sweat during Hot classes. Wear what is comfortable for you to sweat and move in. However we do require proper coverage attire, no thongs allowed. 

  • Be aware of the space around you. Use proper absorption towels and mats to absorb all of your sweat. This is for safety and cleanliness.

  • Arrive to classes on time. Plan to stay for the duration of the class time. 

  • For safety, class engagement is only inside the yoga room, class engagement can not be preformed in the lobby. 

  • Stay for final Savasana for as long as you like. When leaving class please do so mindfully & quietly in the yoga room, respecting those taking a longer Savasana. Leave talking after class in the lobby. 

  • Don't wear perfumes, colognes, lotions or strong scents to class. Be aware that others around you may have sensitivity to scents, and the heat only amplifies scents. 

  • Practice good hygiene. Bring clean items to class. Wash your mats, towels and clothing after each class to avoid bacteria and odor build up on your items. 

  • Shower is available for use before and after class. Plan to limit shower times to 3 minutes out of courtesy to fellow students. 

  • Make sure to silence or turn off your cell phones. This includes apple watches.
    Please refrain from wearing watches during class. 


  • Place belongings in cubicle space provided in the back of the yoga room.

  • No shoes in the yoga room. Please leave in space provided in lobby. 

  • No gum or candy during class, it's a choking hazard. 

  • Always listen to your body. Take rest or water anytime you need during class. 

  • Stay home and rest if your have the flu or are contagious. 

  • Instructors are available before & after class to answer any questions. 

  • Lobby is open 20 minutes before & after scheduled classes. 
    (Please be aware during some back to back class times, the studio room may only be open 10 minutes prior to class start time, due to our staff cleaning the studio for the next class)


  • Return rented mats and towels to staff.
    Return borrowed yoga props to cubbies for the next class to use (blocks, bolsters, etc.).

What to Bring

  • Mat - Bring a yoga mat, we suggest WAYmats or Ridgeback Yoga mats; which are a towel and mat combination in one! We have these available for rent and purchase at the studio. 

  • Towel - Large  towel to place over your mat for Hot classes, or for showering after class.

  • Water - Have water for before, during and after class. We have Canned Bottle Waters & Coconut waters available for purchase.

  • Your Smile! - Smile and have fun!

  • It is recommended to sign up online to complete registration and waivers, saving you time in the studio. 

  • Come to your first class 10-15 minutes prior to class start time to get familiar with the studio, complete registration and get a run-down from your instructor.

Common questions

  • Are the classes offered for beginners?
    YES! All levels are welcomed to all classes offered on the schedule.


  • I'm visiting, do you have mats and towels?
    Yes! We have a variety of yoga mats and towels to rent or purchase.

  • Can I drink water during class?
    Yes! Take rest and water during class when you need. Listen to your body.


  • Are there showers for use?
    Yes! There is a shower for students to use.


  • Are you taking new students?
    Yes! We are accepting new students to the studio, we would love to have you join our community!

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