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Fresh Kombucha on Tap

Offering Kombucha on Tap!

A little about Fresh kombucha on Tap:
After the initial fizz of Co2, the Kombucha settles down and has a slightly carbonated texture & crisp flavor. 

The kombucha is made locally by Sharktooth Kombucha, they use fresh local ingredients. 
Using Organic green tea leaves and fresh fruits.
There is very little sugar content, if any!
Sugar is only used in the  beginning of the fermentation process, but eaten up by the Scoby.
This process is where the beneficial probiotics are created. 

All of the sweetness and flavoring comes from the fresh infused fruits.

Come in before or after class & grab a cup or a bottle full.

Fill Station

Seasonal Flavors on Tap may include:

  • Shark-tooth Kombucha 
    Blueberry Lavender Lemon 

  • Shark-tooth Kombucha Ginger 

  • Shark-tooth Kombucha Cherry Lime

  • Shark-tooth Kombucha Butterfly flower

  • Shark-tooth Kombucha Pineapple Passionfruit 

  • Plus more delicious flavors!

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