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Parking for evening classes


Evening students, please read‼️
Parking for night classes is an issue in our plaza, the restaurants are open & busy in the EVENINGS.
(This is only an issue for 4:30pm & 6pm classes!
Morning class students can park wherever.)
Our landlord (& Hurricane restaurant owner) has required evening Hot Spot Yoga students to leave ALL the close parking spots available to the restaurant patrons. 
Yes, this means literally drive past open parking spaces, please. Leaving the WHOLE main plaza lot open for food customers.
To help with this, Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to a 6pm class!!  
Please, give time for the 4:30pm class to leave and open up parking spaces for the 6pm class. We also need that time to clean & sanitize the studio in between classes for you all anyways.
Please PARK in the far south side of the plaza lot
(Left side of Kookaburra). 
We have also worked with neighboring business Rock Paper Scissors Hair salon, PARK in that lot too in the evenings only.
There is a back dirk parking lot for the plaza with plenty of parking. It is slightly hidden behind trees behind the Kookaburra building. 
And there are some grass spaces along both sides of Boulevard Des Pines road too. 
Please note street parking on Des Pines road is okay as long as you don’t block any residential drive ways. 
(These options are only a 3 min walk!)
Please note, Ocean Grove RV parking lot is now paid parking‼️
Thank you so so much for your patience and understanding. 
Yes, I know you should be able to park anywhere! But I really need your help on this and I appreciate your cooperation to help make our landlord happy and for him to let us stay while we build our new space!
We appreciate every single one of you! 
And as always, we do recommend booking your reservation for class ahead of time. 
See you tomorrow for class. 💗
We can’t wait for the new space! Expected to open just down the road from our current location, summer/fall 2024! 
Much love! 
(owner/director/lead instructor)

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