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Meet The Hot Spot Yoga Team



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Certified RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Teaches Hot Vinyasa Flow & Hot PyroPilates 



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Certified ERYT 500+ Yoga Instructor

Teaches Hot 26&2 Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow & Hot PyroPilates


Karen R.

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Certified RYT 500 Hour Yoga Instructor

Teaches Yin Yoga & Vinyasa Flow


Karen A.

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Certified RYT 200-Hour Yoga Instructor
Teaches Vinyasa Flow



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Certified RYT 200-Hour Yoga Instructor
Teaches Hot Vinyasa Flow



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Certified RYT 200-Hour Yoga Instructor
Teaches Yin Yoga 
& Vin to Yin



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Certified RYT 200-Hour Yoga Instructor
Teaches Vinyasa Flow


Miranda Suggs

Studio Owner

Certified ERYT 500 Hour Instructor

Hot 26&2 (Bikram method) & Yin Yoga
Vinyasa flow & Hot PyroPilates 

Born and raised in Florida, Miranda was always involved in sports and fitness. Miranda grew up dancing, doing gymnastics, playing soccer and running track. As an adult Miranda continued to run and participated frequently in 5K and 10k races, until getting injured.

Miranda first started practicing yoga in 2010 while pregnant with her son. She dove deeper in her yoga practice in 2012, and found Bikram Yoga in 2014; she was instantly hooked. She stepped out of the hot room with a feeling never felt before, and she couldn’t wait to come back to sweat some more.
In 2016, she competed in the Yoga Asana Competition to expand her practice and passion for yoga. Then in the summer of 2017 she attended teacher training to further her yoga journey. Miranda completed her RYT 500-hour 26 & 2 therapeutic hot yoga (Bikram Method) certification through Raja Yoga Academy. Additionally, she completed her Yin Yoga teacher training.
As a business major at University of Florida, Miranda was inspired to collaborate her greatest passion with her knowledge and decided to become a yoga studio owner. July 2018 she opened her own studio, Hot Spot Yoga STA, and Miranda can’t wait to share the studio with you.


When not at the studio, Miranda loves spending time at the beach, surfing, SUPing, and spending time with her furr babies and family.

Miranda is so excited to be part of the yoga community and she is looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiles and energy in the yoga room!


Karen Rogers

Certified RYT 500 Hour Instructor 

Yin Yoga & Vinyasa Flow 

Karen Rogers is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) with Yoga Alliance. She completed her 200hr training in 2017 and finished completing her 500hr training in 2020. 

Karen started practicing yoga and meditation in her teens becoming serious about her practice in her late 20’s.  Her desire is to continue her education learning about the principles and science of yoga as well as to understand on a deeper level how yoga can change, heal and strengthen your body, mind and spirit and ultimately taking that knowledge and sharing it with others. 


Her teaching style is gentle and introspective. She focuses on the mind, body and breath connection while providing a light hearted atmosphere especially for those seeking to learn and understand their own practice of Yoga. 


She is certified in the Kripalu tradition as well as Yin, Chair, Bhakti and SUP yoga.   


Karen has learned through her yoga journey that yoga is about progress, not perfection and wants to help others find their way to their own journey into yoga.


Karen’s classes offer a welcoming space to soften, become present, and explore. Karen desires to share the practice in a way that is accessible to all as well as to meet people where they are, as they are.


Amber Hennesy

Certified RYT 200 Hour Instructor
Hot Vinyasa Flow & Hot PyroPilates 

Born and raised right here in St. Augustine, Amber is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with Yoga Alliance.


Amber stared practicing yoga in 2013 and fell in love instantly. “When I stepped out of my first class I felt more of who I truly am then ever before” Yoga led her to finding self acceptance and true lover for herself. After having her first son Amber started to focusing more on fitness and once yoga entered her life there was no turning back.


Deciding one day she wanted to teach and then qualifying for a scholarship with The yoga room to become a Vinyasa instructor. Amber teaches an athletic style vinyasa flow.

Seamlessly flowing from one asana to the next with power, control and awareness.


Since her very first class she has not stopped practicing and doesn’t plan to ever stop. “Yoga is a way of life and I plan to live it up!”

Recently Amber started practicing 26/2 hot yoga and has found that she really enjoys the challenge. Now looking forward to what’s to come in the future and where yoga will lead her next Amber is very excited to be teaching at Hot Spot!


Karen Anselmo

Certified RYT 200 Hour Instructor

Vinyasa Flow

Karen started practicing yoga in 2002, while pregnant with her first son.  

She earned her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, and decided that yoga is in fact, the most complete whole body conditioning.  


Her background lies in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Bikram Yoga. She completed her 200-hour RYT certification in 2020, completing her certification with hopes of sharing the love of yoga with others.  


She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 20 years, enjoying her own private practice with clients.  

Additionally, she is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, rounding out her passion for living a healthy lifestyle.  

She is bilingual and is also a Divemaster with a strong interest in underwater photography.


She loves to travel, dance, and spend quality time with her two teenage boys.  

Karen is excited to share her passion for fitness and yoga with the Hot Spot Community!


Denise Harshbarger

Certified RYT 200 Hour Instructor
Hot Vinyasa Flow 

Denise is a lifelong teacher and has been practicing yoga for many years.
Before yoga found her, she was a dancer and has taught and choreographed a variety of styles including ballet, hip hop, modern, and musical theater.

She is currently working on her RYT 500 certification and currently holds RYT 200, Buti® Yoga, and Ayurveda Certifications.

Denise is excited to promote holistic wellness and self-love in her students. Although she is an avid advocate for all forms of yoga practice, Denise especially enjoys teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, and Buti Yoga.


Annamarie Keck

Certified RYT 200 Hour Instructor
Yin Yoga & Vin to Yin Yoga

Saint Augustine has been my home since 2017.
Prior to that, we lived in the Atlanta metro area for 33 years, where I was a competitive Masters' swimmer and water fitness instructor for over 20 years.


Practicing yoga was a natural compliment to my swim training; my passion for yoga was fueled by my continued ease of movement-and nourishment of the spirit-on the mat, in the water, and while journeying through life.

As a RYT200 registered Yoga Alliance instructor, I continue to grow and develop through the journey, and my heartfelt intention remains consistent: to find new levels of possibility through yoga both on and off the mat--and to share the joy of movement through yoga with students of all levels because, after all, "movement is one thing we all have in common."


AriAnne Marks

Certified RYT 200 Hour Instructor
Hot Vinyasa Flow

AriAnne Marks is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has completed her 200 hour training in Power Vinyasa and Mind Body. 


With an extensive background in dance, Ari's passion for movement shows itself in the way she flows from one asana to the next. Ari has practiced yoga since her early teens but after sweating it out in her first 26&2 hot yoga class, she knew becoming an instructor was what she was meant to do. The moving meditation of hot yoga inspired Ari to connect deeper to her most authentic self.  

"Yoga connects my mind, body, and soul. I am able to clear my thoughts and center myself in a way my other practices didn't allow and I want to share that with others."  With patience and grace, she makes yogis of all experience levels feel comfortable and confident. Spending most of her life right here in St. Augustine, Ari feels most at home when she is practicing yoga on the sandy beaches. 


Interested in becoming part of the Hot Spot Yoga team?

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