Hot Spot Yoga STA
4255 A1A South Unit 9 
St. Augustine, FL  32080
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Meet The Hot Spot Yoga Team


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Certified Yin Yoga Instructor
Teaches Yin Yoga


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Certified 500-Hour Yoga Instructor

Teaches Therapeutic Gentle Yoga 


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Certified 500-Hour Yoga Instructor

Teaches Hot 26&2 Bikram Yoga and Yin Yoga 


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Certified 200-Hour Yoga Instructor
Teaches Therapeutic Hatha Yoga


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Certified 200- Hour Yoga Instructor

Teaches Yin Yoga & Beach Yoga


Born and raised in Florida, Miranda was always involved in sports and fitness. Miranda grew up dancing, doing gymnastics, playing soccer and running track. As an adult Miranda continued to run and participated frequently in 5K and 10k races, until getting injured.

Miranda started practicing yoga in 2012, and found Bikram Yoga in 2014; she was instantly hooked. She stepped out of the hot room with a feeling never felt before, and she couldn’t wait to come back to sweat some more.
In 2016, she competed in the Yoga Asana Competition to expand her practice and passion for yoga. Then in the summer of 2017 she attended teacher training to further her yoga journey. Miranda completed her RYT 500-hour 26 & 2 therapeutic hot yoga (Bikram Method) certification through Raja Yoga Academy. Additionally, she completed her Yin Yoga teacher training.
As a business major at University of Florida, Miranda was inspired to collaborate her greatest passion with her knowledge and decided to become a yoga studio owner. July 2018 she opened her own studio, Hot Spot Yoga STA, and Miranda can’t wait to share the studio with you.


When not at the studio, Miranda loves spending time at the beach, surfing, SUPing, and spending time with her furr babies and family.

Miranda is so excited to be part of the yoga community and she is looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiles and energy in the yoga room!

Studio Owner

Certified RYT 500 Hour Instructor

Hot 26&2 (Bikram method) & Yin Yoga 

Miranda Suggs

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Jessie is a mother, spiritual seeker, energy worker and lover of the natural world.

She attended her first yoga class 11 years ago and felt pulled to explore the yogic path.

Jessie completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training with yoga alliance approved Two Suns Rising Yoga in June 2018.

Her practice is a sacred space aiming to bring awareness inside. In her class you'll notice a pattern of Anjali mudra, the drawing together of one's palms at the heart. She believes Yoga is a vehicle for transformation and freedom.

Certified RYT 200 Hour Instructor
Therapeutic Hatha  

Jessie Bradley


Marisa started her personal yoga practice in 2005 after trying a Hot Yoga class in her home state of California. After experiencing the amazing full body high that comes after a great asana practice, she began to explore a variety of yoga classes and in 2012 began training as an instructor.

The love of multiple yoga styles led her to obtain multiple teaching certifications in different lineages through 200 hour intensive trainings as well as speciality workshops.

Marisa studied at Tapas Yoga Shala under master trainers Evan and Kelly Harris (Ashtanga), Deva Parnell of Discovery Yoga (Kripalu) and has continued as a student, practicing and learning under master trainer Caryn Keshner Register (dynamic core flow Vinyasa) in St. Augustine.

Join Marisa here at Hot Spot Saint Augustine every Monday and Wednesday at 11 AM as well as alternating Sundays at 11!

Certified RYT 500 Hour Instructor
Therapeutic Gentle Flow  

Marisa Sanders


Karen Rogers is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with Yoga Alliance.  She completed her 200hr training in 2017 and is currently in the process of completing her 500hr training.

Karen started practicing yoga and meditation in her teens becoming serious about her practice in her late 20’s.  Her desire is to continue her education learning about the principles and science of yoga as well as to understand on a deeper level how yoga can change, heal and strengthen your body, mind and spirit and ultimately taking that knowledge and sharing it with others. 


Her teaching style is gentle and introspective. She focuses on the mind, body and breath connection while providing a light hearted atmosphere especially for those seeking to learn and understand their own practice of Yoga. 


She is certified in the Kripalu tradition as well as Yin, Chair, Bhakti and SUP yoga.   


Karen has learned through her yoga journey that yoga is about progress, not perfection and wants to help others find their way to their own journey into yoga.


Karen’s classes offer a welcoming space to soften, become present, and explore. Karen desires to share the practice in a way that is accessible to all as well as to meet people where they are, as they are.

Certified 200 Hour Instructor 

Yin Yoga & Beach Yoga

Karen Rogers


Mitch Watkins began practicing yoga 11 years ago.  His normal weekly class increased to 3 classes a week 4 years ago. Shortly thereafter, when he heard about USA Yoga competitions, he began practicing 6 times a week and engaging in weekly coaching sessions.

During Mitch’s first year competing he placed first for Florida and placed in the top 10 during Nationals.  In 2017 he qualified for Nationals and was awarded the silver medal.  He is excited to start his third year of competition and looking forward to competing in the 2018 International Yoga Championship.

Yin Yoga is a big part of Mitch’s competitive training, and he completed his Yin Yoga teacher training to deepen his own knowledge and help current and future USA Yoga athletes reach their personal competition goals.  Mitch has also taken many workshops from the best yoga instructors in America.

Furthermore, as a repeat competitor, Mitch can also help other athletes understand the ins-and-outs from start to finish of the competition season, including the reality of being on stage, the hard work and commitment, and the privilege of sharing the stage with USA Yoga’s best athletes.

Certified Yin Yoga Instructor 

Mitch Watkins